How to Use Go Dash

Using Go Dash is super easy – Just press the ESC key to open Go Dash and you’ll see your recently viewed content. Click any item to open it. Command-Click to open the item in a new tab (Control-Click on Windows).

Don’t like the ESC key? You can change it by visiting Settings > Go Dash. You can also open Go Dash from the admin toolbar by clicking Recents under Go Dash.

While using Go Dash Search just press the TAB key to cycle through search options:

  • Title Contains
  • Title Starts With
  • Title & Content Contains
  • Content Contains

Want to change the default Search Option? Visit Settings > Go Dash.

Export & Import Go Dash Favorites

To export Go Dash Favorites, navigate to Settings > Go Dash and click the Export Favorites button. Your favorites will be exported as a file named go-dash-favorites.json.

To import Go Dash Favorites, navigate to Settings > Go Dash and click the Import Favorites button. Select your go-dash-favorites.json and click Open.

Go Dash Keyboard Commands

  • ESC - Opens & closes Go Dash (customizable)
  • Command + 1 - Changes tab to Recents (Mac)
  • Command + 2 - Changes tab to Favorites (Mac)
  • Command + 3 - Changes tab to Search (Mac)
  • Control + 1 - Changes tab to Recents (PC)
  • Control + 2 - Changes tab to Favorites (PC)
  • Control + 3 - Changes tab to Search (PC)
  • TAB - Cycles through search types
  • Command + Click - Opens item or group of items in new window (Mac)
  • Control + Click - Opens item or group of items in new window (PC)

Go Dash Pro Tips

Group Favorites and open them all at once with a single click!

Use Command-1, Command-2, and Command-3 to navigate between Recents, Favorites, and Search when Go Dash is open (Control-# on Windows).

Set your default view when Go Dash opens and choose how your links open by visiting Settings > Go Dash

Use the Up/Down Arrow keys to select a search result. Press the Enter key to open the item. Press Command-Enter to open it in a new tab (Control-Enter on Windows).

Go Dash Icon Legend

  •   Public Facing Page
  •   Edit Page, Post, Product
  •   Edit Page – Visual Editor
  •   Add New Page, Post, Product
  •   Pages
  •   Posts
  •   Dashboard
  •   Orders
  •   Tags
  •   Categories
  •   Media
  •   Appearance
  •   Plugins
  •   Users
  •   Tools
  •   Site Healthy
  •   Personal Data
  •   Trashed Page, Post, Product
  •   Settings
  •   Forms
  •   Reports
  •   Multisite Settings
  •   Unknown Page
  •   Locked Content

Development Roadmap

Go Dash is under active development – Our dedicated team is working hard to build new enhancements and regularly release new functionality. If you have any ideas or suggestions be sure to let us know!

Currently our Roadmap includes the following (strikethrough indicates completed task):

  • March 2020
    • Enhanced search functionality
      • Title search "contains"
      • Title search "starts with"
      • Title & Content search "contains"
      • Content search "contains"
    • Additional keyboard shortcuts
    • Favorites Export / Import
  • April 2020
    • Integrate admin pages into Power Search results
    • Popular Favorites
    • Ninja Forms pages integration
    • Contact Forms 7 pages integration
    • Automatic recognition for Custom Post Types & Taxonomies
  • Summer 2020
    • Auto-recommend Favorites & Groups