Tired of Wasting Time Clicking Around Your WordPress Dashboard?

Go Dash Turns You Into a ⚑Lightning Fast ⚑ WordPress Superhero!

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    Instant Access Anywhere on Your Site

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    Power Search All Your Pages, Posts & Products – Even Your Admin Pages

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    Favorites & Groups For Fast Access

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    Open Multiple Pages With a Single Click

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    Recently Viewed Pages, Posts & Admin Tools

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    Easily Duplicate Pages & Posts

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    Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Import & Export Favorites

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    Saves You Time, Everytime

Go Dash saves me 5 minutes every time I use WordPress  ⏱ I use WordPress 10 times a week!!

Ayumi C

πŸ€” I can open multiple pages with a single click?Β  🀩 Thank you Go Dash!

Jack T

With over 200 products in my store, finding everything I need to edit can be a chore. Go Dash Power Search lets me focus on updating my content instead of trying to find it. 😍

Arianna B

Go Dash is like having the Mac Spotlight Search built into WordPress – Total game changer! πŸ™Œ

Michael N

I tried the free version and was like "oh this is cool" – I upgraded to the Power User version and now I'm like πŸš€"OMG why didn't someone think of this sooner"

Rebecca K

Welcome to the Fast Lane!

Go Dash is an intuitive, easy-to-use power tool that gives you a modal window for quick access to every page, post, product & setting for your WordPress website – In the admin & on the frontend.

All Your Recently Viewed Pages At Your Fingertips!

Instantly access anything you’ve viewed – From pages, posts, and products to editors, admin settings, and more. Go Dash lists your recently viewed activity so navigating WordPress is lightning fast!

Go Dash Recently Viewed
Go Dash Favorites & Groups

Favorites & Groups Make WordPress Fastastic!

Easily create favorites from your pages, posts, products, admin tools, and more. Group favorites and open them all in new tabs with a single click! Work faster and smarter – not harder – with Go Dash.

Instantly Access Any Page, Post or Product – Even Admin Pages!

Start typing and your content immediately appears. Never click through pages of posts or products again. You can even duplicate pages and posts with a single click. Go Dash Power Search turns you into a WordPress superhero! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Go Dash Power Search